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Adventure for rent

Step one for any adventurer is to take that first step, but stepping into the unknown can be scary. Your insecurity about what gear to take might be one thing that's holding you back from taking the plunge. Maybe it's not just the what, but also the amount of money you need to invest for a set of gear. It can add up if you plan to make a multiday hiking trip, and if you don't like it - you could be stuck with a fortune worth of stuff you will not use.

Do you think you might enjoy hiking? But the whole gear thing is too big of a hurdle to get started?

Joost from HikersHouse will help you tackle that problem. You can rent a backpack, tent, or complete set of gear needed for a multiday hike at his store. We proudly announce that our backpack is also available now!

What are the downsides?

At Herder, we offer you sustainable gear. However, it's easy to admit that it's even better for our planet if you rent your equipment. In his blog on renting gear, Joost clarifies that it's especially true if you are trying something new or want to use the latest materials all the time.

Also, Joost has made it very accessible and personal:

  • Gear you rent online is sent to you in a container with a return to sender label, so you do not have to worry about the logistics.

  • When you visit the store, you can fit and feel all the gear you want to take on your adventure (also brands that are otherwise only available online)!

  • Whichever you prefer, you get independent and expert advice.

The store is located in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands. You can drop by on Thursdays between 16:00-20:00 or make an appointment for another day and time.

Oh yeah, we were searching for the downsides,...

But who is Joost?

Joost is a traffic engineer and outdoor enthusiast. In 2019 Joost started HikersHouse as an outlet for his creative energy and passion for nature. It all started as a home-run shop. But the store quickly followed, after yet another set of wet tents drying in the living room. Besides the space to dry and store the gear, it also allows for invaluable contact with his customers:

Walk-in with your boots on, go from shelve to shelve and walk out with a backpack packed with everything you need for your adventure.

As a kid, Joost joined the scouting. He is still active and participates in one or two friendly navigation matches yearly, where 40-50 teams compete to get to a location the fastest.

In the past years, Joost has walked several sections of the GR11 with a close friend (the trail that runs through on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees), the TMB and many trails in the Netherlands. This year, he plans for a more extended adventure, walking the Scottish national trail by himself. Have fun in the wilderness!

Thanks for reading 🙏,

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