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Zaino - sustainable lightweight backpack

In this blog, you will find all the information you don't need to know. It's the details that don't matter from a functional perspective, without them you can fit and enjoy your lightweight backpack.

However, in the bigger picture, these are the details that are crucial in our eyes. They are the driver behind the development of the backpack and the start of our adventure.

We want to bring you the trifecta of any hiker: lightweight, high quality, and sustainable. With the Zaino, we proudly present our first product.


A sustainable product is not possible without fair wages and opportunities. That's why we make the Zaino in partnership with studio Fraenck, who have an impact first vision we wholeheartedly support:

Fraenck actively works for an inclusive and clean world. To give everyone a chance to develop themselves. Social and sustainable entrepeneurship is the new norm.

Because Fraenck meets the strict requirements, they have been accepted as a registered social enterprise in August 2021. To find out more about Fraenck click here.

Material choice

Recycled fabric

The main materials of the Zaino are the ECOPAK™ EPX200 and EPX400 fabrics. The fabrics are lightweight, waterproof, and durable.

Also, it's the most sustainable option we could find, some facts:

  • Made from 100% recycled polyester fiber and film.

  • Contains no harmful TPU, PVC, DWR, or other coatings.

  • No Volatile Organic Compounds are used.

  • Every yard (0.91m) saves over one pound of CO2, compared to Nylon pack fabric.

And parts from Europe

Almost all of the 15 different parts that we use in the creation of the Zaino are made in Europe. The only material we source from across the ocean is the ECOPAK™ fabrics, which are imported from the United States.

The name: ZAINO

When we were thinking of a name for the backpack we thought: let's just call it what it is - a backpack. The name of our first product is simply the Italian word for the very thing it is.

It's a country with much to inspire us; ranging from the Dolomites and quality craftsmanship to a culture that celebrates good food and being with people you love.

Masculin noun (plural: zaini) 1. satchel, rucksack, backpack

What the Lightweight?

A quick survey

As you might have read in another blog, we love hiking and have learned through trial and error that carrying a heavy load isn't what makes it so much fun.

In a quick survey at our local outdoor store, we compared the 16 models of seven big brands. We found that the average 50-liter backpack weighs a whopping 1724 grams.

This means that every day you go out hiking you will be carrying almost a kilo less up the mountain or through the forest. Starting with a lightweight backpack can make you enjoy nature more.

Pricing transparancy

We are on a Quest for sustainability. Being as transparent as we can be is part of that quest. That's why we also include what specific costs there are to bringing each product to the market. The fixed cost is the reservation we make for each product we sell to cover costs like marketing, keeping the website online and develop our products (but excludes wages for the owners).

  • Materials - €50.74

  • Labor and hardware - €104.50

  • Import duties - €4.78

  • Fixed costs - €13.03

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