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Chapter You x Herder Gear

Proud to introduce Ingrid Romme

She is the first hiker taking the Zaino to the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Ingrid works as a walking coach for her own company, Chapter You. Her goal is to help you find the peace of walking outdoors and use this energy to reduce stress, find motivation or discover what makes you happy.

In the coming year, you can follow her during her journey. For updates check out Instagram and read her blogs on the website. If that combination isn't enough to become our second ambassador, what is?

Preparing for a southbound PCT

Being one of the most famous long-distance trails in the world, it's on the bucket list for many hikers (me included!). Ingrid will be beginning at the Canadian border to walk southbound, where most people start at the Mexican border and walk north. This guarantees that she will walk through the forests and mountain ranges the north has to offer in her three-month adventure.

Ingrid is now training her hiking strength on the dutch trails and in the gym. She has plenty of hiking experience throughout her life, which will be a helpful foundation to work with. As a kid with her family in the mountains and after her studies in Nijmegen she joined in the Four Days Marches [url] 5 times (4 days of 50km once, the others four times 40km each day). This is an extra cool detail for us at Herder, as Nijmegen is the city where we grew up. The festivities and marches are a colorful part of our roots.

With her lightweight gear, she will be walking 15-20km the first few days, building to a whopping 30-45km per day. If you want to know more about the big three Ingrid is taking with her to the States, check out her blog post.

A masterclass

Anyone who goes hiking for three months straight will, without a doubt, have some time to think and reflect, especially if you go at it alone like Ingrid. Sure, you will meet a load of friendly new people to tag along with for some days, but the majority of it will be your chapter to write.

Determined as Ingrid is, going at it alone was also an explicit choice. It's her way to look loneliness in the eyes, facing your thoughts and fears while you are outdoors. Putting in the work to walk the distance, build and break down your base, make dinner, and filter your water. All alone. Soloing the PCT is the divine combination of her company's essence and the adventure of a famous long-distance hike. A true masterclass of self (for the walking coach?).

One more stepping stone

Before Ingrid leaves for the PCT'22, she has something special planned - Camp You. It's the first outdoor weekend she is organizing with her boyfriend Mick in the last weekend of April. They will help you get out of your comfort zone by pushing you both mentally and physically. As we all know, 'Life begins at the end of your comfort zone' (Neale Donald Walsh). To find out more, check out the website.

Thanks for reading 🙏,

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